Shipper Owned Containers

Every year we sell hundreds of Shipper Owned Containers to freight forwarders throughout the country for project transport. Shipper Owned Containers or SOC’s are great for the times where you need to have more control of your cargo, and you don’t want to get stuck paying demurrage fees for using carrier owned containers with very short return times. When you supply your own containers or Shipper Owned Containers you are in complete control of your  cargo. You can unload at your leisure and when it suits your project schedule.  All our SOC’s are certified to be structurally cargo worthy. Our surveys are performed by third party IICL Maritime Inspection companies to offer you complete objectivity. All CSC plates are also updated for one year from the date of purchase. All container surveys are available to our customers upon purchase.

Shipper Owned Container Types

20 Foot Container

20 Foot Open Top 

40 Foot Container

40 Foot Open Top

 40 Foot HC Container

20 Foot Flat Rack

45 Foot Container

40 Foot Flat Rack